Released 2020

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Slapdee finally unveils the tracklist of his highly anticipated album which will be available for sale today. The Ep features several top notch artists such as Jay Rox, the late Daev (MHSRIP), Tommy Dee. Check full tracklist below!!


1. Intro Ft Maureen Lilanada
2. Fire ft Daev (Prod. Miles Came Along) Download Now
3. Ma Sagali ft. Tommy D & Dizmo (Prod. Mohoin Malik)
4. Teti ft. Elisha Long (Prod. Crown Beats)
5. Greatness ft. Tim(Thugga) (Prod. Miles Came Along)
6. Ku Wire ft. Natasha Chansa (Prod. Crown beats & Mohsin Malik)
7. Take It Back ft Lanji (Prod. T.H.Q)
8. Peaches & Cream ft. Nashe Q (Prod. Mr Stash)
9. Motto ft Jay Rox & Sampa The Great (Prod. Jazzy Boy & Crown Beats)
10. Mother Tongue ft. Daev Download Now
11. Do Better ft. Elisha Long & Magg 44 (Prod. Miles Came Along)
12. Kembo Mu Matero (Prod. Koby & Miles Came Along)
13. Bwafya ft. Lanji (Prod. Miles Came Along)
14. Duet(TikTok) ft. Elisha Long, Tiya Musika & Koby (Prod. Miles Came Along)
15. Talk My Spit ft. Zamani Musonda (Prod. Miles Came Along)
16. Savuka ft Busiswa (Prod. Miles Came Along) Download Now
17. Banzanga ft. Elisha Long (Prod. Mohsin Malik)
18. Mali ft Loco Lunatic (Prod. Ricore)
19. Osa Wala ft Jorzi (Prod. Miles Along)


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