kb – the last dance

Released 2021

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Veteran Record producer “KB” drops the album title song for “The Last Dance“. The song features top notch rappers K.R.Y.T.I.C, Tim & 4four.


01. Someone To Dance With ft Abel Chungu
02. Si Hule ft Esii & Mutemwa
03. You’re A Diamond ft Scott & Badman Shapi
04. This Love Is New ft Chef 187
05. My Celebration ft Dimpo Williams, Chuzhe Int & Slick Bowy
06. It’s Too Late ft Yo Maps, Macky 2, Rosa Ree & F Jay
07. Iwe Naine ft Natasha Chansa
08. I Will Never Lie To You ft Michael Brown & Thee Ajay
09. I’m Guilty ft Dimpo Williams & Cee Thr33
10. My Diary 9 ft Yung Verbal, Drifta Trek, Y Celeb, Thee Ajay, Brisky & Lanji
11. Free ft Lanji, Ninebo Chileshe & Kunkeyani Tha Jedi
12. You Can Be ft Ben
13. Kudala ft Izrael & Stevo
14. Pay Them No Mind ft Natasha Chansa
15. Sangalala ft Lanji
16. Would You? ft Blake & TBwoy
17. Napeza ft Tyce & Michael Brown
18.The Last Dance ft KRYTIC, Tim & 4Four


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