DJ Mzenga Man – The Big Boss III

Released 2021

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Renowned Zambian music producer – DJ Mzenga Man has finally released his much anticipated album themed “The Big Boss III (TBB3)


01.Victory ft Princess Natasha Chansa
02.Better Days ft Koby, Muzo Aka Alphonso, Dope G & Kanizi
03.Ndiwe ft Tim & Towela
04.Sinimagona Tulo ft Afunika, T Sean & Jemax
05.Listen to you ft Slapdee & T Sean
06.Storm ft Jae Cash, Tim, Umusepela Chile & Micheal Brown
07.Palibe Voyopa ft Daev, Willz, Elisha Long & Nova Amandlah
08.Yesu ft Tim & Stevo
09.Feelings ft Tim, Bobby East & Micheal Brown (Deluxe Edition)
10.Ukwangala ft Muzo Aka Alphonso
11.Beat Ni Mzenga ft Tiye P, Dizmo, Smaq & Slapdee
12.Empress ft Kekero, Jae Cash & Nova Amandlah
13.Kumbuka ft Alpha Romeo
14.Outro Free Barz ft Muzo Aka Alphonso


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